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Restaurant Review: Jaihind Lunch Home

jaihindsol kadiI’m mourning the loss of a restaurant I was introduced to a few years ago. Jaihind Lunch Home hasn’t gone anywhere; it has expanded its dreams and is now an established restaurant chain across Mumbai. It is now like every other restaurant chain (except Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar – bless that amazing place) that sits comfortably on its established brand name and doles out carelessly cooked variants of the food that made it famous. Over the last few months I visited three Jaihind Lunch Home branches – the original in Bandra, the other two I know of  –  the ones in Dadar and Lower Parel. The food at Jaihind Lunch Home was a hit with everybody prawns gassi and neer dosabecause it was simple and reasonably priced. Since the day Jaihind Lunch Home realized it was always going to keep making money, the restaurant went from humble to fancy (try to remember the old menu and look at the number of items they have now) and the dishes are priced at double the amount we’d be okay paying. Everything from the sol kadi to the prawns gassi and pulao falls in the narrow range of mediocre to passable, but with these prices it’d make a lot of sense to either go to a much cheaper restaurant for coastal cuisine or spend some more money to eat awesome seafood (and enjoy far better service) at Gajalee, Mahesh Lunch Home or Trishna. I’ll miss the unique chutney at Jaihind Lunch Home, but I can’t keep going back to a restaurant only for its chutney

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Restaurant Review: Global Fusion

If you’re in Mumbai and want to try sushi, Global Fusion is the place to rush to. For a fixed price, you can stuff yourself as much you want, and if you don’t like raw fish, you’ll find many other things to eat. The restaurant is huge, and you can walk around and look at all the food on display. The starters and select soups (which need to be prepared) will be brought to your table (you can try all the soups and all the starters, and they’re enough to fill your stomach), and the food that’s ready (some soups and the main courses), you’ll have to bring back to your table. The starters and soups are kick-ass, and there’s a lot of variety even for vegetarians and vegans. The Chinese main course is strictly okay, and the sushi… well, you’ll have a blast if you like it. I didn’t like the sushi or the sashimi or the tataki – actually, I fucking hated it, and tasted a little of everything because I knew at first bite that I wasn’t going to go near sushi again. Doesn’t Japanese cuisine have beef or pork? Again, there are vegetarian/vegan options if you don’t eat meat, but I bet even they suck. There’s California Roll Maki and Avocado Maki and many other makis and all of them should be called Teri Maa Ki. There’s unlimited packaged water and soft drinks and you’ll need lots of it to wash down the sashimi, because it’ll look really bad if you spit it out. It was great to sit by the fountain pond looking at the frog statues spout water at real fish, and eat those amazing starters, drink those great soups and have all that sweet shit for dessert, but I won’t be scurrying back to Global Fusion for sushi/sashimi/tataki anytime soon. And I wouldn’t offer wasabi even to my enemies. Let me say it in Gujarati… Su? Sheee!

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Kakori House



Food Review: Kakori House

Kakori House is a restaurant chain that claims to have the secret recipe of the kakori kebab, which was prepared for a royal who lost his teeth while playing a sport. Such was his craving for meat, that his cooks invented a recipe for kebabs so soft that the ruler would be able to enjoy meat without having to wear dentures, which probably hadn’t been invented then. You know whose mom necessity is.

So we go straight for the kakori kebabs, which turn out to be the softest kababs (it reads better spelled this way) ever. So delicate and tasty that you don’t want to have them with the green chutney that has jeera in it. It is impossible to chew them – they can’t even be lifted off the plate as whole pieces. The mutton galawati kebabs are round and they taste exactly like the kakori kebabs, but all this special stuff is overpriced or too little in quantity, depending on how you choose to see it.

Next up is lagan ki boti – boneless mutton pieces in a curry which isn’t really there. The taste of the spices used here will stay with you till the end of the day and perhaps make you go back to Kakori House to try the other Awadhi dishes. It was a mistake having this almost-dry dish with roomali rotis. The haleem and warqi parathas look very nice but there is nothing about the haleem (mutton paste) which makes it stand out. Warqi parathas are cooked on an ulta tava and are thin and yellow. Maybe all this authentic lucknowi food would taste a lot better in Lucknow.

The dum gosht lucknowi biryani, which the manager claims everyone comes to Kakori House for, sucks. It is completely dry and devoid of flavour. There are about four mutton pieces in it, but neither that nor the unexciting raita can make up for the boring biryani. The manager then comes back and tells us everything on the menu is made from secret recipes that are known only to the owner and his wife. They should make sure the biryani recipe remains a secret.

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Make A Perfect Bowl Of Dahi

Our dinners are incomplete without dahi – an easy-to-make dairy product which can be had as a dessert, an accompaniment to meals, or by itself at any time of the day.

Heat a bowlful of milk.

Add a teaspoon of live culture.

Stir it well.

Cover the bowl.

Leave it aside for 4-5 hours.

The yogurt will be set.


Mango Drink Recipe: Baflo


Eat & Drink All Night In Pune

So, Pune has a hookah joint – one at which you can eat and drink the night away. On Baner Road, Aundh, is a restaurant called SICE (Something I Can Eat) where you can eat at till about 1:30 am (that’s pretty late for Pune). But what you’ve got to do is ask the waiters of SICE for CO2, so they can guide you to a smoky underground place where you can smoke and drink till your lungs and liver beg for mercy above the blaring music. CO2 – Live The Smoke is where it’s at if you want to eat, drink, smoke or play pool or snooker all night long in Pune.


Beer Review: London Pilsner

So this is my Dad’s old favourite and I thought he was just being a cheapskate till I drank London Pilsner. Believe it or not, “London Pilsner” is the best lager in India right now (which means it was always the best one considering it’s been around forever), but was and still is looked down upon because of its status as “the economy beer” from United Breweries.

The pilsner has a fruitiness that dances on my tongue and leaves me completely satisfied every time I have it. London Pilsner is a very good lager with a crisp and wholesome taste. I usually have it while smoking hashish because it seems to quench my thirst better than the others, but the beer is also great to have with spicy food. Please don’t take my word for it; the next time you’re wolfing down bhelpuri or sev puri, grab a chilled bottle and wash down that chaat with LP Mild and then tell me what you fucking think.

This medium-bodied beer is 20-30 bucks cheaper than KF and the other poseurs, but don’t tell Vijay Mallya I said that or we’ll have to pay more for this fine lager. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: London Pilsner is an inexpensive classic!


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Rehab & Detox

Off to Ahmedabad for three days to attend a cousin’s engagement. No way can I get a chance to drink alcohol or smoke pot in A’bad. It’s perfect, because in Bombay I can’t keep my hands off intoxicants. Three days of being in an environment in which no one ever mentions or even thinks of the booze. All one needs to do is be around family and gorge on pure vegetarian food. Meet and eat. Sweet. Let’s see how long I can stay off the harmful stuff. Amdavaad, here I come.

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