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Music Review: Swallow The Sun – Emerald Forest And The Blackbird (2012)

Emerald Forest And The Blackbird will help the listener understand that it is futile expecting Swallow The Sun to make any changes in their sound or style of song-writing. And why should the band deviate from the formula that won them their own place in doom metal? With Emerald Forest And The Blackbird, the death/doom band continues its spree of making dark, beautiful music that clicks with its fans. Swallow The Sun repeat themselves again, crafting yet another piece of music dripping with melancholy. It’s one big sound – a depressive cloud in front of you; not as deep or saddening as their debut, but captivating nevertheless, and the band might as well call it a continuation you might as well accept that every album Swallow The Sun have made has been a continuation of The Morning Never Came. Just play them all in a row and marvel at the consistency, for were they to change their sound or style to anything else we’d refuse to recognize them.

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Music Review: Burzum – Fallen (2011)

Those who’ve been complaining about the dearth of screams on Belus will perhaps be satisfied with Fallen. Varg Vikernes is not only screaming here; if his clean singing on Belus came as a surprise, the humming on Fallen may prove too shocking for some.

Compared to Belus (everything in black metal shall henceforth be compared to Belus), Fallen sounds far less intense and closer to early Burzum. The guitar tone is thinner and raw, and the drumming, for a change, isn’t minimal. The songs aren’t as woven into themselves as they are on Belus, and they aren’t trance-inducing either. Fallen is  for those who liked/loved Burzum‘s early work, mainly because it has that kind of rawness and the typically chunky riffs and the excited black metal drumming.

But really, the humming makes Varg sound like a guy in love smelling a colourful flower thinking about his girl. Maybe Count Grishnackh composed it while taking a merry stroll in his favourite forest. Your first reaction to it may be ‘what-the-fuck-is-he-doing’, but later when you’re in the loo, that tune comes back to haunt you and doesn’t allow you to shit properly.

Before I turn into an asshole and tell you how the whole damned world can learn from Burzum about honour and integrity, let me play safe by merely stating that this man can single-handedly slap you all with several lessons in black metal aesthetics while having a lot of fun making albums like Fallen.

There will always be poseur bands making music for poseurs, and there will always be great bands creating true black metal art. And then there will always be one man who, by the very nature of his existence, keeps the fire burning.

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