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Farewell, Sophiya


The sexiest VJ of my generation, Sophiya Haque had animalistic sex appeal. She was raw, sexy as hell and a bloody good VJ. The only gym she ever probably heard of was Morrison, and that makes her sexier than any chick who has to try to look hot. This world and my life have lost a lot of hotness today.


It’s That Time Of The Year Again

Every year brings to me unasked for misery without fail. While I do enjoy moping around like a sober Goth on a dry day for say, a weekend every six months, helplessness is the uninvited ushpizin that always overstays his welcome. He just won’t leave till I pack my bags and announce a week’s holiday in Goa or some lesser paradise.

So I’m giving off most of the signs of being bipolar. My maternal and paternal grandfathers were diabetic, so sugar problems are all set to embrace me as diabetes skips a generation and I happen to be the lucky first born.

Going through a list of bizarre mental disorders can be an enriching experience. Schizotypal Personality Disorder, I belong to you. Derealization, you belong to me. Frotteurism, let’s pretend we don’t know each other.

“Mehta, you’re a hypochondriac,” said someone to me two, three years ago when I didn’t know what it meant. “The problem has finally been diagnosed,” I thought, relieved that my confusion was about to come to an end.

Taking a cue from 2007, 2009 hits me with the annual shit segment in December. This is not what I meant by year end special. At the ripe old age of 28, life tries to convince me yet again that love can knock at the door as easily as it can fly out of the window. Ring my bell.

Find My Way Back Home

Why I Loved 2008


Suck On

Dec 20, 2008

India has an enviable underground music scene. Still in foetal stage, yet developing slowly. Rock music has been in India for a couple of decades now, and the heavy metal scene is inflating as we speak, preparing itself to explode in the face of a nation that doesn’t have an inkling about the abundance of musical talent it contains.

Bollywood lyricist Javed Akhtar made a comment on something he clearly doesn’t know much about. In an interview on a website, the celebrity said “In India, rock music is a very shallow and superficial genre. They dress and style themselves like American rockers but the words and lyrics are archaic and obsolete. The words in an average Indi-Rock number revert to trite filmy clichés like balma, baliye and mahiya.”

I find it ridiculous that an established personality from the film industry should put his ignorance up on display by making such a careless remark.

First of all, the idea of rock music (or anything to do with it) being used as a theme of a Hindi movie is blasphemous, especially an out-and-out commercial Bollywood flick. Those who listen to ‘lesser’ music might not be aware that rock/metal is a lot more than just music. There is a pretty good reason why it has such a loyal following, and a lot of rock/metal fanatics don’t call it music, they call it ‘religion’ and know it as a way of life.

Rock culture in India is an underground movement, and most of us metalheads want it to stay that way. As if Hindi rock isn’t a genre pathetic, pretentious and embarrassing enough, Rock On had to come along. Now, I love talking (and occasionally swearing) in Hindi, and I worship heavy metal, but Hindi rock is just not happening. It is never deep enough (even when it really needs to be) and the spirit of rock n’ roll doesn’t ever come across. Bad luck, folks.

On top of all this, a songwriter (whose work I find average, unexciting and overrated) makes an attempt at working on a concept which will remain alien to him for a very long time to come. The least he could do is not make a fool of himself by commenting on a genre he can’t contribute to.

What the man doesn’t know is rock bands don’t use clichéd Hindi words. If they do, it’s not rock music. If Rock On had a pop group doing whatever in the movie, I would’ve thought of the soundtrack as pretty decent pop music, because that’s what it is. While it is definitely advanced for Bollywood, rock bands in the Stone Age made music that was more rock ‘n’ roll, so boys and girls…

If the movie is as successful as is claimed, and if it has led to many youngsters picking up a guitar thinking they’ve discovered rock music, I’d say Rock On! has given birth to an entire generation of poseurs. Congrats to you all.

One should be very careful when one speaks of things as sacred as rock/metal music. Especially when one hasn’t heard even one rock album in his entire life. And by ‘rock album’, I don’t mean the soundtrack of Rock On!

A buffoon who writes lyrics like an eight-year-old Bryan Adams should take special precautions to ensure he doesn’t come across as an imbecile.

Rigid as my views are and narrow-minded as I sound, I’m not one to let my hang-ups prevent me from enjoying a script/movie that’s supposed to be good. Think I’ll borrow a pirated DVD of Rock On! from a friend next week. Buzz off!

Coming soon…If You Don’t Like Metal, You’re Not My Friend

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