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Rory Gallagher – The Best Guitarist In The World?

By Karan Patel (Simple Complex Continuity)

Jimi Hendrix was asked after his \m/ performance at Woodstock, 1969, by some unknown reporter:

“How does it feel to be the best guitarist in the world?”

Jim Hendrix replied “Umm, I don’t know… Ask Rory Gallagher”

I was sort of stunned. Wait, did Hendrix just cite an influence or is he actually saying Rory Gallagher is the best guitarist in the world? I know, this is a subjective matter and if I say it or you say it, it does not mean much, but what the hell…Hendrix is saying it!

So I checked out one album and all that is available on Youtube, Grooveshark etc and this man is just pure guitar madness, and I have been tripping on it since the last two months. I haven’t heard such powerful blues and rock mixed into one alloy ever before. I agree this artist is not for everyone. He is more for guitar lovers, but he also has a lot of harmonica in his material, if you are into that.

Also, since this listen, I am trying to get deeper into what influenced him, which is African-American blues of 1940s-60s… I have been listening to that stuff too and it’s great and I really intend to write more on those folks once I get a better idea of it all and bring them to surface, because that’s what has influenced all the music we listen to today, and it definitely deserves a great amount of recognition.

Rory Gallagher is absolute must listen for any guitar freak. The squeals, the tone, the chords, the shredding, the bass, the drums and the harmonica is so well done that it is almost unbelievable this man was not above the likes of Paul Gilbert, etc.

I will leave you with this reading:

Please do check it out.

There is enough material on you tube to start with… I like it all equally to specifically point a song

He also has a lot of great acoustic numbers.

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