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Gig Review: Djinn & Miskatonic LIVE at Catatonia Fest 2014

djinn and miskatonic 2I BROKE OUT OF AESTIVATION to watch Djinn & Miskatonic, Bangalore’s finest and only proper doom metal band, at Catatonia Fest 2014 in Thane. They’d been scheduled as the final act of the night, and with no disrespect, I wished they’d been given the opening slot, so that I could enjoy their performance while the evening was fresh and the energy levels were high, and fuck back off to the comfort of my home immediately after. But god was never on my side, as Albatross (a band I have watched way too many times) would say. I missed Gaia’s Throne, whose performance, I’m told, was fantastic. Next time, for sure! Chaos did pump some life back into the day, and their guitar levels should’ve been louder, because Nikhil Wartooth’s riffs are quite a treat, especially when the band goes all Slayer on us.

djinn and miskatonic 1Misery loves Jayaprakash Satyamurthy and company, which is perhaps why Djinn & Miskatonic craft traditional doom metal like no other band in India. If the doomsayers from Bangalore were disappointed at the low number of people who stayed back for their set, they hid it very well, but one could tell they were drained from all the waiting. Despite their dismay, Djinn & Miskatonic treated the remaining few to songs old and new, performing like undertakers on a graveyard shift. The YouTube link below this review is for the ‘metalheads’ who ran away because it was past their bedtime; there can be no excuses for not listening to what you missed out on last night. Thane and Mumbai owe Djinn & Miskatonic an apology right now and a better slot and bigger audience next time.

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Solar Deity’s only live performance of 2014 will be at Black Metal Krieg IV

solar deity live black metal band

IN PICS: Solar Deity LIVE in 2013

VIDEO: Blasphemous Chanting On A Moonless Night (LIVE at Blue Frog)

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SundogProject – Hex1/Visions



Album: ‘HEX 1 / Visions’

Artist: SundogProject

From: New Delhi, India

Label: Independent

Availability: Stream / Download from  HYPERLINK “”

It takes guts to tag yourself “experimental”. The word implies that you can push boundaries and definitions, or else formulate and approach that’s an amalgamation of disparate styles, or simply, introduce new ingredients to tradition. The word against a band’s name lures in the curious mind. After all, who doesn’t like being challenged, and hence, discover new ideas? With ‘HEX1 / Visions’, the SundogProject delivers on that tag, and how. The debut album from the Delhi based supergroup-of-sorts spans six songs that are dark, doomy, gloomy, and moody. It’s a lush soundscape that you can’t really put a finger on. With elements of industrial, alternative and rock married to electronica, the songs, on first listen, will make you reminisce ‘Kid-A‘ era Radiohead, Tool, and industrial powerhouse Nine Inch Nails. But, the only reason you will recall those bands is because you will be at your wits end, trying to compartmentalize and make sense of this album.

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Most of the songs are built up on a hypnotizing progression that drones on and on. As elements are added in, layer by layer, you are greeted with a thunderous distorted bass, crunchy-yet-smooth guitars, and vocal lines that can range from whispers to screams. The first couple of tracks serve as a harsh introduction to a world that you are not familiar with. But, by the time ‘Venus’ and ‘Face/3’ swing in, it all comes together to make up an experience that’s intensely personal. One which you can immerse, and lose yourself in.

All in all, this is definitely a challenging album. One which will have you hit ‘repeat’ ever so often, just so that you can peel the layers and reach the core. And once you’re there, don’t bother if you ‘get it’ or not. You’ll appreciate it for the sonic adventure it will set your mind on.

About The Band

From: New Delhi, India

Initially a studio project started by Rahul Das (vocalist, Joint Family), the band today comprises guitarist Rahul Sainani and drummer Shardul Mehta [from Joint Family], bassist Anupam Roy [producer and guitarist, Narsil] and guitarist Viraj Mohan [Another Vertigo Rush].

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Motorhead India Tribute up for streaming and ready for preorders

Solar Deity is proud to be a part of the Motorhead India Tribute! You can listen to all the tracks and preorder the release and merchandise from this link:

motorhead india tribute

motorhead india tributemotorhead india tribute

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Celebrating One Year Of Pure Satanic Black Metal

Celebrating One Year of Pure Satanic Black Metal

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All-India Strike News: Bharat Bandh on Wednesday and Thursday (February 20, 21)

beerLike it or not, we’re getting a couple of days off this week as India will observe two-day Bharat bandh tomorrow (Wednesday, 20th February) and the day after (Thursday, 21st February). 2013 is already sounding good, and I suggest visiting the nearest liquor store today because wine shops will be shut during the nationwide bandh (duh!) and thirst strikes without warning!

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Exhumation Lyrics: Blood-Drenched Flags

[From Exhumation’s 2011 album Consider This]

Surrounded by unknown armies
Ready for battle, growling for our blood

Driven by thirst for warfare
Marching towards us, straight to their end

Leaders, soldiers – now you choose your weapons
For this folly they will face punishment

Shoot them, chop them
Blast through their belief systems
Maim them, mock them
And then leave them for dead

Fire canons straight into their leaders
Fight them, break them
There are no restrictions

Behead the horsemen, and then bring me their heads
Leave them to die, the ones who are not dead

Let there be the sound of the battle-horn
To let them know the games have just begun
Awaken our sleeping armies and bring them on
The show of power must be won by dawn

Taste the blood of victory

Pounded, they run back dumbfounded
Chased by battle-tanks which we have mounted

Limbless, some are on one leg, others are handless
And have forgotten their names, forgotten to scream

But no, no way
We will not let them go
Slash them, smash them
Let the blood spray like never before

Bring out the axes
Hack the remaining to pieces
Burn them, the maimed
Teach them the meaning of pain

Drag the living,
Back to the torture camps,
The torment for them,
Has only just begun

Send back the news
Of their loss and suffering
So the children and widows
Beat their chests and wail

And now, it’s time to rest
And regain our strength
For greater challenges

Brothers, we’ve marched to victory
And the celebration of our glory
Begins with a feast tonight


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