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Beer Review: Kronenbourg 1664

Every time I decide to quit drinking alcohol, it pops up at odd times and in strange ways to remind me of the position it holds in my life. On this dry day (in India the government doesn’t let us legally purchase or drink alcohol on certain days of the year) I have here with me a beer from France, and what a fine lager it is. Not that I had given up on lagers; this country and many other beer-brewing nations have downright awful beers leading the world market, but I have had enough lagers to understand that there obviously are far better ones than the ones I’ve tried.billoo and kittu and beer

Kronenbourg 1664, then, can be added to the list. Firmly crisp and easy to drink, this beer has a likable hop flavour, and being a clean drink, can be had in large quantities. The taste stays for some time, reminding me of my first taste of beer, when the taste really seemed to stay. It’s only the cost that would keep me from drinking this again; I bought only a pint, and for this price I can get something I’d enjoy a lot more: a wheat beer or an ale. Still, it’s a dry day and a pint of Kronenbourg 1664 in this green bottle is all I have, alcohol bite and all.

RATING: 3.5/5kronenbourg 1664 lager beer


Beer Review: Amstel Lager

Reviewed at the 1st Mumbai International Beer Festival

Not too keen on trying this after the weak Amstel Light, I was pleasantly surprised with Amstel Lager. Sipped an 80 ml serving of this bronze (not so very in the sunlight though) brew at the beer fest: Nice bitter hops; this doesn’t have the skunkiness I’ve come to expect from lagers, and no disgusting adjunct characteristics either. I really liked the pleasant sweet bitterness and the malt aftertaste. So much better than Amstel Light!

RATING: 3.5/5

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Beer Review: Birra Moretti

A pleasant surprise from Italy and Heineken, Birra Moretti is a clean lager that’s on the smooth side. I was expecting this to be an adjunct lager like Budweiser or equally useless shit like Heineken, but the malt base in Birra Moretti is more than welcome. Low on hops and playing it safe, Birra Moretti smells grassy, has a thick head that takes time to disappear, and tastes sweet. Nice surprise, indeed.

RATING: 3.5/5

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Beer Review: Khajuraho

This super strong beer which claims it is the “Pride of India” comes in a Kingfisher bottle. Khajuraho has been around since before I started drinking but I’m having it tonight for the first time only to write about it. It’s an, as we all know, extremely strong beer. The label says “alcoholic strength exceeding 8.75%”, and Khajuraho, as I expected, is too sweet. This fizz-less monster has the colour of jaggery and is a beer people drink when they want to get knocked out.  

RATING: 1.5/5



Beer Review: Black Eagle

Another inexpensive beer (it’s priced even lower than almost as cheap as London Pilsner) has turned out to be an unworthy drink. Black Eagle, which calls itself “100% Mauritian”, is a light, clean drink that can be guzzled in huge quantities. No alcohol bite, no metallic aftertaste even though it comes in a can, and even with the alcohol strength at 5%, it goes down easier than a Breezer. Unfortunately, Black Eagle tastes like soda.



Beer Review: San Miguel Pale Pilsen

This is the beer that didn’t work in the Indian market and disappeared and has now found its way back, this time in its true form – as an import. San Miguel comes in a very likable little bottle and is very reasonably priced (compared to other imports, it’s very cheap). Smells grainy and tastes light and crisp (like a pilsner should), and ends dry. The ad had Nina Manuel in it, but now it looks like I’ll have to promote it. San Miguel Pale Pilsen doesn’t have a personality, but I’m up for a few more pints of it.

RATING: 2.5/5


Beer Review: Brooklyn Lager

At last, a lager worth going out of your way for.

Brooklyn Lager calls itself “The Pre-Prohibition Beer”, is a damn fine brew that balances hops and malts with style, and smells like chocolate.

Clean fucking drink – and it’s more hoppy than malty.

Hoppy, hoppy, hoppy… and then malty.
Malty, malty, malty… and then hoppy.
I’ll surely be having this one again.


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