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Vegetarian Food Review: Sheesha Sky Lounge (Juhu)

It’s just a name; Sheesha Sky Lounge has no view to offer except one of the lounge itself, which you can look around at as much as you like because there is hardly anyone ever around. Tables are wiped and the seating is dusted; Sheesha Sky Lounge waits for diners to show up to make the sections ready but the moisture from the sea is too much, and the sofas are damp and smelly. We opt for a another table and it’s slightly wet as well but at least the wooden chairs don’t stink. The bartender is behind the bar but there’s no one at it and the waiters are finding it awkward to have people in their restaurant. The huge TV screen showing a cricket match does nothing for us, so we select an ordinary lager from the drinks menu, which has an impressive collection of spirits and wines and no good beer. The food is unexpectedly good; my mother is rarely impressed with starters in most such places but says it’s the best paneer she’s had at a restaurant in a long time, and she likes the potato starter even better. The main course is excellent: the black dal, vegetable Kolhapuri and breads are nearly perfect. [I got to try only the vegetarian fare at Sheesha Sky Lounge as I went there with the family, and I won’t be going back to sample the meat kababs and other non-vegetarian food unless the place gets cheaper, which means that was my first and last meal at Sheesha Sky Lounge, Juhu.]

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Restaurant Review: Lucky Biryani & Kababs

It’s very sad that with popularity Lucky Biryani has forgotten what made it popular. Lucky Biryani & Kababs isn’t what it used to be, either in Bandra or elsewhere. The kababs are like the ones you’d find at any restaurant in Mumbai, the chicken and mutton dishes are strictly okay – there are so many of them that you have to try a different one every time before figuring out what you really like. The famous Lucky biryani is a greasy mess: oil drips from every grain of rice, and it’s obviously the oil that makes the biryani so loved. No complaints about the meat – the chicken and mutton are perfectly cooked, so even if you’re having the tandoori chicken (ordinary – you’ll find a better version of it at Bostan) or, if you’re not the kind to take risks, butter chicken (again – go to Bostan), at least, you’ll get to eat meat that has been cooked to perfection. Vegetarians should stay far away from Lucky Biryani & Kababs – there’s nothing for us here, not even decent dal fry, and by the waiters’ own admission, the vegetables are usually rotting because nobody orders vegetarian food at Lucky. The waiters will tell you that with glee, and strangely it’s the one thing they will say with confidence, because when it comes to making suggestions, they’re as clueless as you. The management also has little regard for hygiene: rats run free over and around the water kegs and on more than one occasion we’ve found the glasses they serve water in greasy and unwashed.

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Restaurant Review: Northern Tadka

Yet another Urban Tadka clone, Northern Tadka prides itself on being a replica of one of the finest restaurants. So much that not only is the look heavily inspired, but they’ve even copied the menu. The names Urban Tadka has given its dishes: Ambarsariya Murgh, Raahra Meat, Peshawari Mutton – they all can be found at Northern Tadka, which admits it is not related to the original in any way other than the fact that it is trying to be exactly like it. Even the taglines Urban Tadka gives its dishes to make them sound more exciting have been copied word for word here. The dhaba-style setting is quite comforting, except for the big television screens. You can look in three directions and find a different sport on; perhaps the TV screens are there to ensure people keep watching stuff and calling for more drinks. Considering Northern Tadka is an Urban Tadka wannabe, the acid test for them is the Nimbu Chicken. As expected, it’s not the way it should be, and that can be said for all the food at Northern Tadka – it’s not bad but it’s nowhere close to what it’s trying very hard to be.

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Restaurant Review: Papa Pancho Da Dhaba

You may be forgiven for thinking you’re in for a good time when you walk into Papa Pancho Da Dhaba, for the décor is fantastic. We walk into the original one at Pali Naka, Bandra because we’re tired of waiting for a table at Jai Hind Lunch Home and one of the chicks wants to pee. Too much information. The ‘dhaba’ setting at Papa Pancho Da Dhaba is perfect, it looks like a very colourful dhaba. A glass of buttermilk at Papa Pancho Da Dhaba costs 80 bucks. The other lady asks for Lassi (85/-) which comes in a huge glass and tastes exactly like Aarey Lassi, which is a good thing, except Aarey’s Lassi is ten times cheaper.

I have a glass of water and decide on Bhuna Gosht and Mutton Biryani. The Bhuna Gosht comes in a brass thali (I’m a sucker for such things) with dahi, two parathas and kali dal. The mutton is succulent and the dahi is perfect, but it isn’t worth 250 rupees. The black dal isn’t very good, either.

The Mutton Biryani comes with kachoombar and papad, but isn’t worth 225 bucks. I’d be happy if the biryani was bursting with flavour, but it’s not. I’m not even going to bother with any vegetarian food here; the prices are making me laugh. Everything here is overpriced, and if Papa Pancho Da Dhaba can’t impress me with a dal, a mutton gravy, or a rice dish, I don’t have any reason to waste more money trying other stuff here. Next!


Restaurant Review: Kobe Sizzlers

Having not had a sizzler in ages, we decided to go to Kobe Sizzlers in Saki Naka, Andheri East. I’d been to one at Bandra a few times many years ago and wanted to see what Kobe Sizzlers is like now. The place looks really nice but we can’t say the same about the food. We skipped the fish and the bird and went straight for the animals. They don’t serve pork anymore, by the way. Yash ordered a Satellite Steak (460/-) and I opted for Lamb Shashlik (400/-). The sizzlers were fucking terrible. The Lamb Shashlik wasn’t lamb at all, but boneless mutton pieces. I love goat meat but this was just too bad. Stale meat overcooked. I couldn’t chew it, and it tasted horrible. The Satellite Steak was equally bad; tough beef that we didn’t feel like swallowing. We ate the fries, mushrooms and grilled vegetables (for the first time) and paid the bill and left. What a waste of money and bad end to the week.



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