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Lake Arthur Hill (Bhandardara)

Arthur Lake at Bhandardara is an artificial water body built in 1910. The placid lake is surrounded by verdant hills and rests in the midst of the green and yellow of grass, and a walk along this scenic setting under a blue sky tranquilizes you like few other things can. The famous waterfall a few km ahead is what we’ll be visiting the next time we stop at the little-known hill station of Bhandardara.

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Om Beach, Gokarna

Kudle Beach, Gokarna

Getting Drunk At Sula Vineyards

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Slideshow: Sunday Under A Dying Waterfall


Sula Vineyards, Nashik

Last December, a few days before I quit drinking alcohol, we went to Nashik, and this is where we stopped.

The gates were wide open and we went right in…

… and slowed down even more when we saw this familiar structure.

As you can see, this is where the wines are bottled.

And here’s another pic. Get a load of this!

What you see here is the room in which they display Sula’s finest wines and merchandise.

A pretty neat bar, eh?

And this is the main stuff.

Some cold cuts to go with the red wine…

…and different types of cheese to taste with the white wine. Cheeses.

A bottle of wine can get a man to pose with such objects…

…and can reunite some with their childhood friends.

And this is the best thing about drinking at Sula Vineyards: the view!


Sunday Under A Dying Waterfall

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Khargar Hills/Raintree Marg

The next time you want to have a picnic, head straight to Kharghar/CBD Belapur. Raintree Marg offers you a quiet place where not too many specimens of the pathetic human race can be found, and as a bonus you get the best view of Navi Mumbai. Kharghar Hills is one of the best places I’ve been introduced to in recent times, and it is where I’ll escape to when I can’t take any more of everyday life and have only a day to be away.

Can’t go a-trekkin’ on Kharghar Hills, it’s a picnic spot. Don’t be a fool like me; I was all set for a trekking adventure but ended up walking all the bloody way up. Next time, I’ll take a vehicle which ensures I reach the top in 15 minutes instead of walking for an hour in the scorching sun. An advantage of walking all the way up is it teaches a good lesson – it’s great to get excited like a school kid but it’s equally necessary to do your homework.

Walking up, we saw loners/couples/friends at intervals, having a good time chatting or guzzling liquor in aerated water bottles. On reaching the top, you see a giant boulder. Take a left and you go to a village, go right and you reach a point to park your ass and relax at. You can park your bike/car/ass anywhere on the way to the top.

On the way back down, we were cursing ourselves for not carrying more than one bottle of water. An advantage of walking all the way down is it teaches a good lesson – can’t kick yourself for unparalleled stupidity when your legs are about to come off.

Here’s what to do: Go to Raintree Marg between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. in a vehicle, carry food and water because I’m not sure if you get any in the village. I would’ve gone ahead and found out but with the last few sips of water all we could think of was walking back down before we died of dehydration. Carry an icebox because you will feel like drinking when you reach the top. Carry a tent if you can because the sun is merciless and it might get too hot in the car.

If anyone’s planning on committing suicide by jumping off any part of Kharghar Hills, do invite me to watch. Please don’t crash your cars and bikes while sparking that joint and pouring that drink on the way up. And careful when you try any wild tantric positions lest you suddenly spot a snake or cheetah and fall into the valley.

There have been no reports of  snakes or cheetahs in or around Kharghar Hills.

All pics were taken on 2009/11/22

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