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Music Review: Ebonix – Alive (Single)


Ebonix keep themselves Alive with their new song. Months ago I reviewed The Struggle Within, which was a delight. It looks like Ebonix did their homework pretty well before coming out with a new song that has a very calm and progressive start carried on by a soothing tone. I like how the track has variations throughout, but missed solos – I think they would have gone very well with the crazy keys. As one can expect from Ebonix (those who haven’t heard them yet, please give the band a listen), their latest single Alive is keeping them flowing, and as I’d said in my earlier review – they need to hit the studio and come out with an EP at least. Singles won’t do justice to what they’ve got in their kit.

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Music Review: Gojira – L’Enfant Sauvage

By Himanshu Singh Rathor

Gojira! It’s a Herculean name in itself, and this review is coming from a guy who has been listening to Gojira for four years now. They have their own territory in this ginormous metal scene. It’s a major and well-known stop for any metalhead. They sound fanfuckintastic in both forms i.e live and on record. The Flesh Alive DVD is an immense evidence of how fucking tight they are and can be! They sound awfully insane in the Flesh Alive CD. That was my first impulse before album could come out (leak). But then I got my hands on L’Enfant Sauvage where they sound like gods of their scene. They have their own sound, and it makes the progressive metal world go crazy. The Way Of All Flesh was a fucking win for every Gojira fan. They have what it takes to stand apart from any other mainstream band. Back then, I got blown away from their versatility. Now, this album is an extension of the Gojira sound, but not an expansion. I was hoping for the same amount of change which took place between Terra Incognita and The Way Of All Flesh. Nevertheless, I’m still saying L’Enfant Sauvage has what it takes to unquestionably be the album of the year.

On the current album, one would easily discover the use of two or more pitches turning out to be ‘reciting tones’, the use of which is perfect. I mean, it’s just flawless. The first song to notice this in is ‘The Axe’ – a mixture of death and black metal which only Gojira is capable of doing. The reason I call it “black metal” is because of its dark journey with the chanting in the background. It makes you close your eyes and feel the ambience through your head (on-a-loop kind of material). It’s one of my duckie picks from the album. ‘Liquid Fire’ is like a prolongation of the ‘The Axe’. That doesn’t mean anything bad – its a jaw-smashing beauty with one tempo carried throughout. ‘Mouth Of Kala’ has the pace that only Gojira can carry… such a groove throughout the song, with the gloomy pitch running in the background, and bassline is world-class. Such uniqueness, oh boy!

And here comes my favorite track for this year: Gojira takes it away with ‘The Gift Of Guilt’. A great idea of what Gojira can do to a song. Diversity!? Check. Groove!? Check. Heaviness!? Check. Perfection!? Check. It passes the entire test. I like the way it ends but if a solo could have been written for the end, ‘The Gift Of Guilt’ would have crossed all the limits to be Gojirasmic. Other tracks such as ‘Pain Is A Master’ is a deluding track as it starts with a slow ambient part and bashes away into the technicality of “death metal”.

I’m thoroughly impressed with what Gojira are offering here. This album is a huge transformation, more twisted towards the unique ‘progressive’ sound, which in itself is a massive thing to achieve, but it is not, as I stated earlier, an ‘expansion’. Buy or download L’Enfant Sauvage or do whatever you want. But listen to it!

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Music Review: Axioma Ethica Odini

Yet another strong album from EnslavedAxioma Ethica Odini is extremely well-crafted music that moves at a confident pace, with plenty of clean singing thrown in with the screams and growls.



Music Review: The Farthest Reaches

Son Of Aurelius pushes the boundaries of death metal with The Farthest Reaches, a technical/progressive album that astounds from the start and keeps you stunned long after it has ended. With plenty of melodies and complex riffs and insane drumming, Son Of Aurelius spreads everything out and makes The Farthest Reaches exciting for as long as it plays. Each and every note is crystal clear, as are all the drum hits. I can’t decide if it’s the brutal parts or the crazy soloing that impress me more, and the clean parts on The Farthest Reaches are to die for. Son of Aurelius‘ debut is a treat for fans of technical death metal!


Music Review: Dead As Dreams

Go back to the time you thought you’d lost everything and when your world had come crashing down. Think of when you felt betrayed in the worst way, imagine yourself on the peak of a mountain, kneeling down and screaming, in denial of the undeserved agony that was tearing you apart. Visualize yourself on that peak with arms outstretched under the glittering stars, screeching at the universe, demanding answers from it. Cut Their Grain And Place Fire Therein, my friends, is the soundtrack to that moment. Weakling’s Dead As Dreams belongs in my list of the best black metal albums of all time, with its amazing sound and trance-inducing parts and progressive riffs. The intro to the title track is one of the best I’ve heard, and all the songs on Dead As Dreams are very long but I don’t mind that at all – this is a genre-defining album we’re talking about. Listening to This Entire Fucking Battlefield, you realize once again that the singing is terrible…the vocalist is screeching and screaming and yelling randomly. What you also realize is everything fits together so well that you cannot imagine any other kind of vocals to go with this music. This Entire Fucking Battlefield has a part which makes you introspective before a killer solo comes on and Weakling go all majestic again. Just when I’m about to ask myself why I haven’t checked out the members’ other projects (mainly The Fucking Champs and Saros), Weakling slap me with No One Can Be Called As A Man While He’ll Die, and it has a dark bass solo that makes me sit up in excitement as it progresses and becomes another great track from this masterpiece. You have to check out the last two minutes of the song to believe what kind of mayhem and atmosphere this USBM band can create. Now close your eyes and sit back as Disasters In The Sun engulfs you in darkness. Please don’t make the mistake of listening to this album when you’re tripping on acid or any other hallucinogen; you might cross over to the other side and not be able to return.

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