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Bedekar Tasty Foods: The Worst Food I Ate in a Restaurant in 2016

Excited to see an eatery of the brand that is synonymous with pickles, I decided to breakfast at Bedekar’s on a Sunday. It’s a good thing I asked how the food is prepared or I might have never learned that it is far from fresh! The poha (which I had gone there for) and their upma (also something I wanted to try) and everything else is packaged and frozen, including the greasy stuff that they defreeze and deep fry in hell knows which oil. Even the khichdi is kept frozen for months and is in no way nutritional or even tasty. Perhaps the Bedekars believe that the crap they’re selling as healthy foods can be preserved like their famous pickles. Not wanting it to be a complete waste of my time, I took a selfie at Bedekar Tasty Foods before walking out, never to return again. RATING: 0/5

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Food Review: Malvani Aswad

If you’re craving seafood and don’t want to go to the usual high-end places, look for Malvani Aswad on Shaji Raje Marg in Parle East. Malvani Aswad has been around forever and, though you may not have heard of it, happens to be the haunt of many a Maharashtrian family. There are four menu boards stuck to the walls – for chicken, mutton, seafood and vegetarian dishes. Everything is reasonably priced, and you can have a thali if you’re not in the mood to experiment. They have 10-11 varieties of fish, and the owner’s been grumbling about how Barack Obama’s visit to India has resulted in only six of them being available at the moment. Not very far from but nothing like the legendary Gajalee, Malvani Aswad is the restaurant to go to when you want a frill-less eating experience in Vile Parle.

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