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Dhruv Chaudhuri – Indian Vegan Bodybuilder and Martial Artist

dhruvchaudhuri4“Eight years ago as a scrawny lad at the age of 17, I was introduced to the pull up bar by my uncle, who inspired me to use my body weight to exercise, adding in variations along with push ups and running. I started training with him and soon it became an addiction! My diet used to include meat, eggs, dal, rice and ghee. I’ve always loved animals and was brought up to have compassion for all animals thanks to my aunt, but was not aware of what goes on in the slaughter industry.

dhruvchaudhuri5Soon after I started working out, I discovered calisthenics, and then found another inspiration in life – Bruce Lee! I started researching, studying and practicing his martial art, Jeet Kune Do. My workouts would include pull ups, push ups, dips, core and cardio and kept improving the intensity by adding weights and performing the movements. I performed these movements for four years straight while studying hotel management in Bangalore and soon realized my passion was in the fitness industry.

It was in Bangalore that I researched on the slaughter industry and made me realize that eating mdhruvchaudhuri1eat was not right. I quit eating meat at the age of 21 but ate eggs and milk since I wasn’t educated that one could build strength and muscles without eating some sort of animal protein. While in Bangalore I studied Krav Maga, an Israeli martial art and developed my
skills in street fighting. I moved back to Pune but would used to come to Mumbai on weekends, and further studied Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do under Bruce Lee’s lineage. I also did a certification in fitness and learned body building techniques and body mechanics, and started applying them in my workouts.

dhruvchaudhuri2In a month I was soon squatting and deadlifting as if I have been lifting weights for a year thanks to the years of calisthenics. I started working at the functional fitness club Multifit as the core team and head coach two years back and progressed in functional training and calisthenics. By this time I knew about the cruelty in the egg and milk industry and wanted to turn vegan but didn’t know how to without losing muscle and physical performance. It was then that I came across a scientific fitness based organisation called Alpharaj and met the founder, Aman Duggal, who helped me turn vegan and educated me on how to consume enough nutrients through vegan food and supplements to suit my workouts and martial arts routine. It’s been a year since I turned vegan with putting on muscle and increased overall performance.dhruvchaudhuri3

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