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Vegan Musicians on Veganism: Dr K Varadarangan (Karnatic Vocalist, Creator of SRI Mrudanga)

Dr K. Varadarangan

Age: 58 years

Karnatic vocalist, musicologist and creator of the S.R.I Mrudanga – a fiberglass Mridangam with synthetic drumheads

When, how and why did you go vegan?

I became vegan during March 2010. I was a born vegetarian and was always deeply disturbed by the cruelty to animals and wanted to help them in some way. Before I went vegan I had not realized the abuse and cruelty to cows in the dairy industry that involved artificial insemination, separation of newly born male calves from their mothers, administration of harmones and injections to cows to increase milk production and the slaughter of male calves and the mother cows once the milk production stopped. When I happened to read about the abusive practices of the Dairy Industry I decided to become a vegan immediately and thus me and my wife Veena both became vegans then on. We became vegans purely for ethical reasons. Six months from that time both my children also became vegan.

Do you have any nonhuman companions?

We have ndr_k_varadarangan_iyengar_vegan_synthetic_mridangamot kept any pets at home but we take care of several of the community dogs.

Do you help animals in any way?

Yes we do. We take care of 5-6 community dogs in our neighborhood by providing them food and water everyday. We have kept a large bowl of water outside our house gate so that animals that pass by have access to drinking water. We have got some of these dogs spayed and neutered. Puppies born to these dogs have been taken to adoption camps where they got adopted. We always talk about veganism with people to spread the awareness. We also do lot of AR campaigns through social networking sites such as Facebook. Perhaps most importantly, I have created a vegan Mridangam after 6 years of research (South Indian classical percussion instrument) and my company “Karunya Musicals” manufactures and markets these vegan Mridangams. The vegan mridangam replaces animal skins by synthetic materials and the wood used for the shell is replaced by fiberglass.

What do you think is the way forward for veganism in India?

Massive campaigns for spreading awareness through talks,and audio/video presentations is the need of the hour. Also vegans must get united burying their ideological differences and keep only the liberation of animals in mind. Availability of affordable vegan products as alternatives to animal products is also going to be very helpful.

dr_k_varadarangan_iyengarPhysical and mental changes you’ve noticed since going vegan?

Certainly better health overall after turning vegan. My migraine headaches have stopped and energy levels have increased. I am definitely more active now than before (when I was not a vegan). Most importantly a mind that is guilt free.

What kind of food do you like and dislike?

I generally like home cooked food, the regular type of meals and breakfast of a typical South Indian family I like a lot of cooked vegetables. i also relish eating raw vegetables and fruits. I dislike too oily or spicy stuff.

Tell me about your most memorable meal and restaurants you like to visit.

As I mentioned I like home cooked food the most. My wife Veena prepares excellent food with a lot of variety. However, we do go to outside restaurants once in a while along with family. Our most memorable restaurant meal was at “Paradigm Shift” in Bangalore where we ate vegan cake and ice cream after a long gap. Recently we have been enjoying the vegan ice cream by white cub which has now become available in Bangalore. We have a restaurant called “Rasoi” in Kasthurinagar Bangalore which is quite vegan-friendly.

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Vegans Musicians on Veganism: Prateek Gautam (Severed)

Prateek Gautam

Age: 23, born 13th April 1993, Maharajganj, Basti, UP

Band: Severed (modern thrash metal)

When, how and why did you go vegan?

At a very young age of 8 my father took me to a meat shop. That’s where I saw the truth for the first time, and fell sick for 3 days, I became vegetarian. Before watching Gary’s video on YouTube and following you on Facebook, I followed PETA on social network and in real life. Many animal activist criticize the way PETA tries to bring any issue to the light, that PETA is all about money, that they exploit one species to save the other (showing naked women to grab attention) which I also feel is true, but in last 36 years they have done some really good work. After watching those horrific, prateekgauutam_severedbandsaddening videos taken from farms, slaughter houses made by Peta during their investigation, operations etc. I quit all leather/wool/fur products.

I came to know about veganism through one of their campaigns. I felt it was ridiculous, and that taking milk from animals does not do any harm to them, strong bhakt like individual, “gai hamari mata hai” and all those stuffs. After having a lot of debates with non- vegetarians, where they constantly pointed out that milk products are no different than any other animal product, I started digging about veganism again. Honestly, I was not ready to give up milk, cheese, yogurt, and any products related to dairy, I did not had the courage to go vegan. Meanwhile I adopted a kitten, she must have been around 3 weeks old. So cute, so adorable. I had no idea of how to take care of a kitten, gave her some really heavy cat food, which I think she couldn’t digest, and fell sick. The local veterinary doctor couldn’t diagnose the problem and made her condition worse. She died 3 days later.

That’s where I decided to go vegan, to speak about animal cruelty and their rights, January 2014. Followed many people, watched many videos, two and a half years now. It was not that hard as I thought it would be.

Do you have any nonhuman companions?

I have two adopted dogs, both crossbred. Johnny – around 9 years, and Rocky – around 4 years.

I had a deer named Jackie – saved and adopted by my family. Some local villagers stole him and killed him for his leather and body parts.

Do you help animals in any way?

Mostly I go to whenever I get chance to go to Krupa Animal Shelter in Kengeri, Bangalore.

What do you think is the way forward for veganism in India?

Education. I must say that most Indians are arrogant, stupid, and very annoying. We take prateekgautam_severedbandpride in really stupid and silly things. The religion we belong to, the caste we belong to, the language we speak, the money we have in our accounts etc. Most of the people who know about veganism in India take it as a threat to their community, religion, to their business and so most of the time we don’t get the response we want. People have been brain washed really bad on the name of religion, for profit, for exploiting our fellow beings.

Mass brainwashing has helped these animal industries to grow to a huge level. Today these industries contribute to the country’s GDP, have heavily subsidised the products which is why poor class, and middle class society of India are dependent on them. These powerful, multi-billion dollar industries have severely affected our education system as well. Government doesn’t give a fuck about it, because profit values comes before moral values.

Banning products won’t help veganism to grow in any way, instead will have a negative impact. We must focus on our education system if we really want veganism to flourish not just in India but anywhere.

prateekgautamPhysical or mental changes you’ve noticed since going vegan.

I was very addicted to tea. Whenever I missed morning tea, my whole day went bad because of headache and tiredness. No more headaches now, not dependent on tea anymore and also I feel much better than before.

What kind of food do you like?

Anything hot and spicy! My favourite is soy biryani, which I make whenever I’m home, and I love french beans also – I fry them with a lot of spices!

Where have you had your most memorable meal?

New Arya Bhawan on M.G. Road, Bangalore, serves the best chhole and aloo paratha! Momo stalls and restaurants in Durgakund, Varanasi opposite Sunbeam School have the best vegan momos. I think these stalls and restaurants serve the best momos in the country. Also, fried idli stalls in the same area. Masala dosa and idlis with chutney and sambhar are all-time favourites, and I also love dal khichadi and am a huge fan of mushrooms!

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