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TV Series Review: Psych

By Karan Patel (Simple Complex Continuity)

This is by far one of the best shows I have watched. The writing is absolutely brilliant. It’s not just funny, it’s off-the-hook funny. It’s completely-nuts funny.

The show is about a slacker called Shawn Spencer who has developed great observational skills because of intense training from his father who used to work as a policeman for the Santa Barbara Police Department. Shawn has a passion for solving mysteries and gives tips to the SBPD for both, the passion and the reward money. He accidentally starts to work as a psychic consultant to help the homicide division tackle complex murder mysteries.

Please do watch The Pilot before watching any other episode. It will all fall into place. I do not want to give away the spoiler.

The show is very postmodern, if you will, and each and every character is so well defined and likable. That, coupled with all the pop culture references in both a positive and a negative light, the hilarious father-son relationship and the complete madness between Shawn Spencer and Burton Gustor, his best friend, who also works as a pharmaceutical sales representative, pulling Detective Lassiter’s case all the time, buckets of nice sweet love stories (devoid of that idiotic sexual tension that one sees usually in any drama on TV these days) and lastly, the pure detective work based on attentiveness, astute observations and instincts without the use of fancy, over the top scientific machines and equipments that help one solve identities and what not, makes this one the best detective shows, of course, as always, after Columbo.

The beauty of the show is that while watching, you don’t care so much about the case, as its all just about the humor and the characters. The show is based on crime in Santa Barbara. The city is known to have the least crime rate, possibly none. You probably don’t even need a homicide division in SB. I think that’s the irony and the point of the show. That itself should give away the humor ride you are in for when you start to watch the show. While it is based in Santa Barbara, the show is shot in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada. The cinematography is beautiful, the music selection and the background score is really nice and the acting is flawless.

Psych is a must-watch if you are into detective shows and witty humor!

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