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Mid-Day Proves Itself To Be A Cheap Tabloid

NEWSFLASH: Ravi Baswani >>>>> Akshay Kumar

The brainless boobs at Mid-Day chose to put up something about how Akshay Kumar’s latest flop was turning out to be a hit (it’s not; they’re lying) and wrote about the death of actor Ravi Baswani in a little corner somewhere in the middle, surrounded by and lost between mostly unimportant news. And they sounded gleeful saying, “We’ll miss you, Ravi!” I bet Mid-Day didn’t know who Ravi Baswani was till they read about his death in Mumbai Mirror, which isn’t exactly the most pleasurable reading experience either.

Ravi Baswani was an artist who acted in around 30 films in 30 years because he didn’t believe in taking up roles which didn’t challenge or help him grow as an actor, died of cardiac arrest in Shimla yesterday, but the dumbfuck editor at Mid-Day thought discussing the merits of Akshay Kumar’s (a movie star who has acted only once or twice in his entire career) latest shitfest made better news.

What a day for a daily newspaper it is when a dimwit blogger has to point out what real news really is. So either Priyadarshan paid money to fool some more people into watching his trashy film or the people at Mid-Day are just plain fucking stupid. Here’s hoping some dumb cunt reads this and sends it across to the editor.

To the editor of Mid-Day: Fuck you, dickhead.


All Is Fare In Mumbai

Mid Day’s campaign to straighten errant taxi drivers was a runaway success. Mumbai’s rude cabbies have learnt a lesson thanks to Mid Day, Mumbai Traffic Police and Regional Transport Office, and now Mid Day has launched a monthlong campaign to take on autorickshaw drivers who refuse passengers for flimsy reasons. Here’s how they’ve been doing it: a Mid Day reporter flags down a cab/rickshaw, and if the driver refuses, a traffic cop magically appears and fines him.

Instead of getting angry at rickshaw drivers who refuse fare, I now get inside the vehicle and tell them where I want to go. If the dude so much as shakes his head to say ‘no’, I tell him to drive us to the nearest traffic cop. Hats off to Mid Day for empowering the common man with these campaigns!

A few weeks before my knee ligament reconstruction surgery, I was standing near Andheri Station trying to hail a rickshaw so I could get home. When over 10 of them refused despite seeing me limp around, I lost my cool and started cursing aloud.

A few days later, I had gone out with someone, and later got dropped off near my house. The rickshaw driver told my companion that I had been drunk a few days earlier and that was why he had refused to take me where I wanted to go.

Now if a rickshaw driver can pass such a judgement on me, I can only imagine what happens to those who worry about what society has to say about them. Sure I don’t care what a rickshaw driver thinks of me, but I was irritated with myself for bothering to explain what had really happened the other night, that I had been in a lot of pain and not drunk. That irritation lasted a few seconds and I made a mental note to never explain myself to anyone again no matter what and got right back to not giving a fuck.

To register your complaint call 022-24937755

This is an exclusive number given by the traffic police for Mid Day readers to register refuse-to-fare complaints.


Mumbai Stubs Out Smoking Ban

The ban on smoking in public places which came into effect on October 2, 2008, seems to have gone up in smoke. While there are a few places which paid no heed to the ban in the first place, cockroach bars everywhere have loosened the rules, allowing patrons to light up in the non-a/c sections. A restobar at Powai, Fuel does not have a separate smoking section, and is packed with smokers who can’t do without cigarettes with their drinks. Asiad Bar has not been observing the ban on smoking right from the start, has no problem with people smoking in the a/c section, and that’s the main reason why smokers flock to the bar at Irla, Andheri West. Nobody is getting pulled up for people lighting up in bars despite signs threatening to impose a fine of Rs 200 on anybody caught smoking. Not sure about other cities, but in Mumbai, one can see people lighting up in almost every public place except multiplexes and high-end restaurants, some of which have smoking sections. On a lighter (pun unintended) note, I recently saw a ‘no smoking here’ sign stained with betel juice. Have a cigar, BMC.


Protected: Old Bal Is Getting Desperate

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Can Alcohol Drinkers Be Controlled By Government Stupidity?

Boozards in Mumbai will not be able to buy more than two bottles of alcohol per week, if the State Excise Department has its way. In an attempt to curb the illegal sale of liquor which flourishes during dry days and at nights, 150 excise officers will try to prevent the entire drinking population of Mumbai from purchasing more than two bottles of liquor per person per week. First of all, no one really observes a dry day, not on Independence Day and certainly not on M.K. Gandhi’s birthday or death anniversary. Everybody who drinks craves the booze even more on dry days, so when wine shops and bars everywhere are shut, people buy alcohol illegally and don’t mind paying that extra bit of cash to defy rules and render them ineffective. Liquor stores are not going to welcome this move either, and will start selling a lot more than two measly bottles to anyone who wants to stock up, or more people will eventually become barflies and drink to their liver’s content. How is it possible to moderate an entire city’s alcohol intake? Even if the Government has woken up after all these beers years, how will it keep a tab on everyone who walks into a bar?

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